Your local water district, Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 91 (WCID 91) is moving forward with a phased construction project to replace aging underground water lines throughout various streets of the District. The replacement of the lines will be done using trenchless construction, which will allow for minimal disruptions. This process involves digging a pit several feet deep to conduct the work horizontally instead of trenching the length of the replacement. Some sidewalks, driveways and front yards may still be impacted. The District will restore any impacted areas to existing conditions. Additionally, some fire hydrants will change locations due to updated standards. The construction is slated to take place on the following streets between Rolling Creek Drive and Ella Boulevard:

  • Ash Meadow Drive
  • Bodart Drive
  • Hamlin Valley Drive
  • Roanwood Drive
  • Saddlecreek Drive
  • Pine Gap Drive
  • Castlerock Road (Between Rolling Creek Drive and Butte Creek Road)

The first step in this project is to conduct a topographical survey of the streets. This work will be done during the months of January and February. We anticipate construction starting in the fourth quarter of 2023. Water line replacements on various other streets within the District are projected to occur in the coming years. The District is pleased to be investing in its infrastructure and ensuring that residents have access to reliable clean water for years to come. We appreciate your patience and thank you all for your cooperation. At this point we are projecting there will be no tax rate increase for the first phase.

For more information, we welcome you to join in upcoming District meetings. For more information about the upcoming meetings please visit our website at:


Harris County WCID 91 Board of Directors